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Spartan Tribe - Exclusive Brotherhood for Men

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Spartan Tribe - Exclusive Brotherhood for Men

Ryan Felman
13 ratings

You are lost and I know why.

You aren't in touch with your own masculine soul.

Do you feel the deep pain in your soul?

Do you feel that your life has no meaning?

Do you feel that you are NOT fulfilling your potential?

Did something feel wrong when others were bullying you and you couldn't stand up for yourself?

If you answered yes to at least ONE question then don’t worry

You aren't alone!

Don't blame yourself for this,

It's the way the society is set-up these days

It’s a mass manipulation on a grand scale led by the government and media

They want to take away your individualism and crush your masculine essence

They programmed you to be this way since you were born.

Your masculine power scares them…

They want you to be weak…



It’s because you not being your masculine self benefits them

They cannot carry out their evil plots when strong men are being who God made them to be

Hence why we have a war on masculinity

Men are lead to believe that their masculinity is wrong

That being weak is strong

But the opposite is true

STRENGTH is a virtue!

You won't ever be fulfilled if you don’t live up to your true masculinity

I speak from experience because I have lived the way society conditioned me to be.

It led me to go through a brutal divorce which tore my life apart. 

I was pissed off at the family court system, angry that I let myself get to this point. 

I no longer had the energy to deal with a shitty wife and a shitty marriage that led to nowhere 

I could have easily blamed court, society and my friends but I decided to look inward.

That's when I realized that all my life had been a lie.

I realized that I let myself stagnate.

I had gotten complacent and was no longer pushing myself to my limits.

I worked hard at my job and did the bare minimum that was required to stop me from getting completely out of shape. But the truth was that I wasn’t winning. I wasn't conquering. I was just surviving. I was treading water. 

All I ever did was spend most of my free time watching sports, playing video games and eating too much junk food and drinking too much beer. 

But, something in my soul didn't feel right.I didn’t want to just survive. I wanted to thrive. I wanted to be great. I wanted a life others would be envious of. 

I wanted to make more money

I wanted to get stronger, faster, healthier

I wanted to be more attractive to girls

So I made a change. I began to push myself beyond my limits

I got to a point of no return

I quit drinking so much

Quit gaming for 500 straight days..

Quit watching sports..

I began to focus on making my own life better. I started working out with higher intensity. Started biking. Then running. Slowly I started to fix my diet, piece by piece.

Suddenly, the weight started to come off. I lost 25 pounds in one year. I began to look better. It made me more confident. People took notice. That made me even more confident. Created a positive feedback loop to keep striving to be better. 

I made better friends. Started working out and running with them. I signed up for my first 5K ever and got hooked! I became a running/race addict. 

Today, I’ve run 14 Spartan Races, a half marathon, a marathon, and countless 5Ks. I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon do. And I’ve created two successful businesses. 

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine this was possible, but when you begin to stack wins, you pick up massive momentum. With just a few changes, consistent action and persistence, anything is possible!

This proves that you need to embrace your innermost masculine self to feel the joy…

The happiness…

The fulfillment…

It's all possible though

You just need to unlearn the lies told to you by the government

You need to stop believing the media and start listening to your own soul

All the answers are deep down inside your soul

You need to listen to it carefully

Hence why I created THE SPARTAN TRIBE

A group of real men fighting for masculinity

IMAGINE absorbing their energy!

IMAGINE knowing the things they know

IMAGINE these men being your BROTHERS and having your back in war

That's the power of having a STRONG BAND OF BROTHERS

But these days people believe that being alone is a virtue

“EAGLES FLY ALONE” is the notion



You NEED High Quality individuals around you

People that INSPIRE you!

People that PUSH you!

That's exactly why I have created THE SPARTAN TRIBE

A group of STRONG MEN in a world gone soft

  • Where MEN can come together and discuss things that make them MEN
  • Speak without being judged
  • Speak about things you cannot talk to your ordinary friends
  • Learn things that your father didn't teach you
  • Discover your innate masculine nature

As IRON sharpens IRON

One MAN sharpens another

For the first time EVER


All wars throughout history were fought and won by men coming together to achieve a single goal and willing to die for it

Every MAN in the group honors their masculine nature

Every man stands for masculinity

They all embrace your masculine soul without remorse or shame

Join the group and fill your life with masculine energy.

Have a look at other members in Spartan tribe have to say:

What's Included in the Spartan Tribe?

  • A newfound brotherhood with access to this exclusive men's club
  • Access to the private Path To Manliness Forum
  • Access to the private Path To Manliness Telegram Group Chat
  • A complimentary copy of Reclaim Your Manhood (LIMITED TIME OFFER)
  • Access to a network of highly motivated men that share tips and advice
  • The Premium Path To Manliness Newsletter
  • The opportunity to earn a PTM Challenge Coin

What do we talk about here?





Most importantly, this will be a high energy group of people that you can depend on for inspiration, motivation and advice. While most of your friends are complaining about missing their sports or gaming all day, this will be a group for real players in the world. Do not join if you are only going to talk baseball stats or the latest video game.

  • Masculinity and Self-Improvement
  • Cultivating a Fulfilling Lifestyle
  • Making Money Online

What won't we talk about?

Anything that leads to a decadent or boring life. This is a place for men who are looking to become better men. So we won't be discussing the latest online video games or your favorite porn stars. You are expected to strive to be the best man you can.

This is the support network you need to change!

What People Are Saying

Elevate your social circle!

The Spartan Tribe is the exclusive for club for men

Join today and you lock in your price for as long as you're a member! And yes, the price will be going up in the future!


#1: No SJW Talk of any kind will be tolerated

#2: Be awesome to one another

#3: Do not harass other members

#4: Do not share the invite link with anyone

#5: Reject a life of mediocrity. This group is for highly motivated men only

To get the full Spartan Tribe experience, make sure you fill out the questionnaire in the thank you note after sign up!

This will also sign you up for the Path To Manliness newsletter read by thousands! Unsubscribe at any time.

When the barbarians are at the gate, suddenly masculinity isn't so toxic.



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