Reclaim Your Manhood

Ryan Felman
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It is never too late to change your life. What can you do today to improve yourself? Be persistent and militant with this change and you won't recognize yourself in one year's time. This book is your handbook for straightening out your life so that you can live a more fulfilling and ultimately enjoyable life.

This book will

  •  Find purpose by creating your life mission

  •  Keep half your assets by understanding red flags in women

  •  Develop healthy habits to become better daily

  •  Talk to attractive women by gaining self-confidence

  •  Attract interesting people to you like gravity

  •  Live a life of excellence

Reclaim Your Manhood is my debut book. My name is Ryan Felman, the creator of the Path to Manliness brand and website: Like you and so many other young men, I struggled to find my life's mission.

My Story

I was $30,000 in debt, overweight and addicted to gaming and sports, but then everything changed when I started taking ownership of my own life.

After struggling through the family court system and nearly losing everything in divorce, I bounced back with fury and determination to live life to the fullest. Reclaim Your Manhood documents the life-changing habits you need to implement to replicate this meteoric rise.

Path To Manliness has created a path for young men everywhere who are lost and need direction and guidance in life.

In less than a year:

  • I went from hating running to running my first 5K and beating half the men in the race.

  • I also ran a Spartan Race where I scaled a 100 foot cliff, ran 4 miles and completed 23 obstacles.

  • I lost 25 pounds using the tips and tricks in this book.

  • I paid off over $30,000 in debt.

  • I created my own website and authored this book.

Challenge yourself by reading this book and implement its advice into your own life.

Follow these essential 20 steps for the modern man to make the necessary changes to your life.

Change your mindset. Change your life.

Why did she leave you?

Did you allow yourself to get complacent and weak?

If you find your girl slowly losing interest in you and touching you less, hit the gym. Getting back in shape is a surefire way to rekindle the flame. Watch your girl swoon and caress your bigger muscles.

Do you fear your testosterone levels are too low?

Become the man nature intended for you to be. Women love men who are unashamedly masculine. Adopt these habits and watch your testosterone soar! Women will notice!

It is time you Reclaim Your Manhood!

Do not let yourself become another victim of the unfair family court system!

Discover the not so obvious red flags in women from a man who has witnessed them firsthand.


1. Hit the gym

2. Dress well

3. Be Assertive

4. Choose your friends wisely

5. Turn off the video games

6. Eat real food

7. Have some self-respect

8. Stay away from BPD

9. Stop being stingy

10. Stop buying soybucks milkshakes

11. Be resilient

12. Jobs aren’t hard

13. Stop watching porn

14. Start writing

15. Goals

16. Read books

17. Meditate

18. No gossip

19. Stay off your phone when in company

20. Challenge yourself

Bonus: Complimentary Path To Manliness Weekly Log to track your habits!

What are People Saying About Reclaim Your Manhood

"Great Cliff Notes for Men Seeking to Become Lions" - Charles Franklin

"Every Chapter Is On Point With Today's Failed Masculine Society." - Johnny Grube

"With so many different organizations claiming that masculinity is one thing or another, it’s nice to see someone who returns the focus of masculinity to the improvement of the individual. Great read, highly recommended." - Garrett Dailey

"If you're struggling to stand your ground and be a man in a weak world, spend the time and the few dollars it will take to invest in an excellent guide." - Chance Lunceford

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Reclaim Your Manhood

12 ratings
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