The Path to Journaling

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The Path to Journaling

Ryan Felman
6 ratings

Your life will really begin to improve when you start writing.

Why should you start writing?

Imagine this. You wake up in the morning and do your daily stretches. You pick up your journal and quickly review your accomplishments from yesterday. You immediately are inspired by your progress.

Picking up right where you left off, you begin to review today's tasks. You are crossing items off your list before your friends are even out of bed. You're done with the "real work" by noon because you've become so organized and focused. You take a break to go outside and reflect on the day. Journaling has become the limitless pill of your life.

Why doesn't your life look like this today? Because your life is chaotic and unorganized. You don’t know what you want out of life, and if you do, you don’t know specifically how you will accomplish it.

By writing you can organize your thoughts and track your progress. Writing can help you manage your emotions in a healthy manner. Writing can help you track progress and isolate what it is that’s helping you and what is holding you back.

If you are ready to start writing, but don’t know where to start you aren’t alone. I didn’t know how to start either, but I’ve learned plenty of tips and tricks to make it a daily habit.

I consistently write over 1,000 words a day and have made a living out of it. If you need help getting started and want over 100 journal prompts, check out this book.

This is your guide to learning how to write every day.

"My life really began to improve when I started writing." - Ryan Felman

Paul Domenick coauthored this book with his Stoicism and journaling expertise!

So you will be getting TWO BOOKS in this awesome package!

Journal excerpt: I owe a lot of my positive results to a better lifestyle. Reading more. Writing more. Exercising more. Most importantly, giving back: creating. Live a life of purpose.

You know there’s more to life, but you’re lost on where to find it.

The Three Foolproof Steps to a Successful Life

1. Get yourself in shape, so you will gain the confidence to live in the real world.

2. Start writing until you have found your purpose in life.

3. Keep writing so you can maintain direction and sanity.

How You Will Benefit From Learning How to Journal

  • Inspire and focus your energy by this foolproof method for writing daily!
  • Make an extra $1,000 every month with the power of writing!
  • Save your sanity and clear your mind by getting your thoughts out of your head
  • Finally gain a true understanding of yourself by daily conversations with journal
  • This is the toolbox you need to collect every advantage to crush your day
  • Let creative thoughts flow through you by building the ultimate writing space

What readers have to say:

  • "Your writing is top notch. Best around here, I believe."
  • "Started reading it and I couldn't stop. It truly inspired me to do something that I've been wanting to do for a long time now and that is to write my own book. I just needed to overcome my ignorance and your story has given me direction and purpose." - Tyler James (@redbeardpatriot)
  • "The book has really improved my life and I now look forward to writing on a daily basis."

- @Five10Deep

Over 100 Writing Prompts are included in this guide!

  • How reflecting on your day produces life changing results!
  • See real measurable growth by tracking your progress and results over time
  • Crush the chaos off your life by systematically tracking your best daily habits
  • Quit shooting yourself in the foot with bad habits (you don't realize these effects until you start journaling about them)

Michel Foucault called the journal a “weapon for spiritual combat.”

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Cover art done by @RemBrandTJ_

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