The Path to Brand Management

Ryan Felman
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Earn Passive Income Every Week Without Creating Anything!

Imagine an extra $100, $500 or more showing up in your bank account every single Friday! Now imagine that extra income without even needing to write a book or build a guide!
I am here to tell you that this is entirely possible and other people make money every day!

This is the magic of affiliate marketing. You see people making money online everyday. Some don't even create a product. They help others sell products. If you're spending your time online, you might as well tweak your profile to start earning money while you tweet.

  • You don't need startup capital
  • You don't need to advertise
  • You don't need to go viral

You simply need to tweet and even this can be automated.

You don't know how to Start Building Your Brand

Every Friday I see about $500 to $1,000 show up in my bank account thanks to my books and my ability to market books by other content creators.

I'll show you how you can make hundreds of dollars right now with the information in this eBook.

You hear about all the young bucks online making stupid money, but you're unsure about how to start. With the advice in this book, you can start earning money while you sleep.

Discover how to make a good first impression with your landing page!

Discover how to grow your email list with a proper signup page!

Discover what makes readers want to come back to your blog!

Discover how to hook in readers with a "Start Here" page!

Escape the Cubicle!

With the insider secrets I share, you can earn money all day long and the upside is unlimited. Coupled together with my guide to growing your Twitter account, you can break free from your 9 to 5 and live a life of true freedom.

There are a lot of guides out there, but this is a guide built by a man who's spent a decade in marketing and sales.

And you know who says that money is the root of all evil? People who don't have any. Society wants you to think that money is a dirty word, but this is a lie. Money is merely a tool and can be used to give your kids a massive advantage as they grow up.

But money isn't half as important as influence and becoming an influencer opens up significant doors and opportunities. This guide will show you how YOU can reach these influencers for free and get them to promote your own personal brand.

If you use this advice in the real world, you can start making money online. An extra few hundred bucks a week could help you pay down debts and give you peace of mind by creating a new source of revenue.

You need to diversify your revenue stream to protect against job loss.

You keep making excuses or will procrastinating. You say you don’t want to start selling until you have 100 email subscribers or 1,000 social media followers. Bullshit. You’re scared. Start now. Let me help you.

How many followers do you need to make a sale? One. If you have at least one follower, it is time for you to start selling. You need to have a core offer or you are wasting your time.

Your problems are fixable:

  • You don't have start up money
  • You don't have the skills or information
  • You lack exposure and visibility
  • You are going in too many directions
  • I'll show you how to fix all of these problems with Path to Brand Management

Quit waiting for the perfect moment and act now!

I feared putting myself out there for years. Then one day, when my life appeared to be falling apart, I saw the abyss. I began to wonder, what if I lose everything I’ve worked so hard for? What if my wife leaves me and the state takes away my kids? What if this happens every day to many others?

Then I became truly afraid. I feared living a life not fully lived. I feared not being true to myself and not sharing what I’ve learned with other people. I feared a life of lost connections. Now I’m making moves, selling books and offering free advice on the daily Twitter timeline. Now I have a mission.

So, the fear of living a mediocre life overcame my fear of failure and rejection.

  • Want to know the easiest way to make money online?

  • Why do you need to write your emails in advance?

  • 5 ways your network will help you

  • 3 insider secrets to recruit social media influencers

  • 6 proven formulas to increase your email open rate

Use this powerful method for driving people to your website!

Do you want your customers to be able to google your company? Discover how to use SEO to optimize your blog or website so that they can find you. And if you don't know what SEO is, then you definitely need this book!

You are pricing your products wrong. I see this every day and most of you don't understand the basic psychology that drives customers to give you their hard earned money. If you want to stop leaving money on the table, then you need to understand the right prices to use when selling.

So how do you start?

This book will be your guide to building a powerhouse that gets exposure and makes money. You don't need start up money in today's internet age. Skip the bar tonight and get this guide to build a new lifestyle!

Learn why you need to diversify your revenue stream and how.

Learn how to become an affiliate marketer.

Create passive income streams.

"If you’re looking for everything in ONE Concise Book.

Then this is for you.

What others are saying

"Ryan has laid out a start to finish guide in 15 chapters to take your brand from an idea to a Brand that can make you money. How fast this happens is completely up to you. Without hard work and discipline nothing ever, just happens. It takes action." - @SteelJanz

"Thank you for showing me how to make money." - @ZaydA96

"Your writing is top fucking notch!"

You can see this in your bank account every week!

I've made two accounts. The first one was fraught with mistakes and stumbles.

If you want the path to growing a successful brand, check out this guide.

I'll help you avoid the common pitfalls that many fall into.

I'll show you the path to creating a powerful brand.

I have 33,000 Twitter followers and have experience in brand management.

This guide will save you money and offer opportunities and guidance into making your own money online.

If you're not satisfied with this purchase, you can rest assured knowing that it can be returned anytime within the first 30 days of purchase with a 100% money back guarantee.

***This book was previously titled How to Not F*ck Up Your Brand***

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The Path to Brand Management

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